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The world’s newest country…

This week Southern Sudan prepares to be the world’s newest independent country…but what will the future hold for the South? Year 9 discuss…


Year 7 Hinduism…Puja

A quick note to say to all those people that had a go at creating a Puja to demonstrate their knowledge of Hindu worship…well done! Prizes will be on their way shortly.

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Revision Podcasts…

Here is the link for the revision podcasts that we looked at during lesson time. They could be useful, some of them are not relivant to us but some of them are so it is up to you to pick and choose. 🙂


Year 10 – Revision Timetable

Hi all, exam is fast approaching and by now I’m sure that you are all knee deep in revision. I found the video bellow on YouTube this morning and thought that it might be useful…have a peek.

Year 12 Exam…Tuesday…Eek.

Just a quick note to wish our wonderful year 12 geographers good luck in their upcoming exam on Tuesday. You will all do great (providing you have revised!) Please comment to send them messgaes of support!

Iceland mate…2011

I just want to say a great big thank you to Mr Wells for organising this years 2011 Iceland trip. It was a fantastic success and I hope that you all had as much fun (and of course learnt some geography) as I did. Thank you to all the year 10s and sixth formers that came on the trip and making it a memorable one. Stay tuned to the blog to find out what happened as our student bloggers fill you in on all the excitment. Make sure you pop into Miss Brooks’ room next week…I have a feeling that the display is going to be EPIC! 🙂 

Don’t forget to bring ALL of your pictures in on a memory stick!



Year 8…Migrant workers…benefit or burden?

The issue of migration is one of the biggest challenges for our politicians today, it stirs up a lot of different passions and a wide range of ideas and opinions. Being geographers we are the best placed to look at these issues which can be very sensitive.

Having looked at the issues surrounding migration I would like to know your views.

You should comment on this post to let me know what you think…however there is a catch.

  1. You must say why you think what you think. (Level 5)
  2. You must be able to back up your ideas with evidence. (Level 6)

I would also like to know if your opinions have changed since looking at this topic in detail.

This will be an going discussion over the Easter break. It is up to you to comment and explain your views and feel free to respond to the views of others.